Our meticulously handcrafted products feature authentic Swarovski® crystals, individually attached to sumptuous high-fashion fabrics, creating jewelled treasures of distinction.

Hédoné represents the dawn of glamorous
soft furnishings, expertly constructed using renowned tailoring techniques and encrusted
in the brilliance of Swarovski® crystal.

We invite you to create your very own,
uniquely customised piece of opulence.

Gareth was born in Cape Town, South Africa and moved to London in April 2000 to further his career ambitions in the magazine publishing industry.

Eleven years engrossed in the world of glitz and glamour at Condé Nast Publications proved to be more than just a place of work, but more as an enlightenment to the world of luxury and a defining influence on both his artistic direction and business aspirations.

Gareth’s artistic background is evident in a couture fashion ethos with a devotion to technical and aesthetic supremacy in creating quintessential luxury soft furnishings for the modern home.

Krishna was born and grew up in London –
a city close to her heart and one which played a major role in her insatiable love for fashion and obsession for all things scientific.

Krishna's experience is vast and varied and includes working within the dynamic, fast-paced PR environment to producing new collections at celebrated fashion houses in London and New York, as well as dressing the world-famous windows at Harvey Nichols, London.

Along with technical precision and industry expertise, Krishna brings a cutting-edge
creative flair, using technical fabrics and
elaborate fabrications.

Portrait of Gareth and Krisna